Publishing policies

  1. Editorial Board
  1. Authors and Authors responsibilities
  • Article submission to the Cahiers philosophiques, as well as their publication once accepted, is totally free of charge for their authors.
  • Authors must comply with the peer reviewing process.
  • Authors submitting an article must contribute to research in their discipline, by applying its methodology and adopting proper scientific standards.
  • Authors shall provide corrections of their possible mistakes and retractations in case of glaring errors.
  • Authors shall clearly indicate and acknowledge all sources and references used in their articles, as well as any financial support they may have been granted.
  • Authors undertake not to publish the same article in more than one journal.
  1. Peer-review process
  • The journal Cahiers Philosophiques publishes philosophy articles from all philosophical traditions.
  • All submitted articles are read and assessed by two members of the editorial board (blind peer review); when the article is about a philosophical topic or domain outside the editorial board’s scope, an external expert will be consulted for advice.
  • The editorial board may issue three kinds of decision : accepted, accepted with changes required, rejected.
  • Each article will be read and assessed twice before acceptance.
  • The authors commit themselves to correcting their articles according to the editorial board’s requirements.
  • The editorial board will contribute to complete references in the articles whenever those are considered as insufficient.
  • Articles must be sent in electronic format to the address : cahiersphilosophiques [AT] vrin [DOT] fr ; the file including the article must be anonymous.
  • The editorial board shall give an answer no later than 6 months after submission, depending on the dates of the editorial board meetings.
  • All articles and contents in the Cahiers philosophiques are therefore submitted, before publication, to peer reviewing and acceptance.
  • The process of article selection by blind peer review, and the academic quality of editorial board members as well as of external reviewers warrant objectivity in selection and decision.
  • The members of the editorial board and external reviewers shall have no conflict of interest : in case any member appeared to have a conflict of interest, he/she would be excluded from the reviewing process of the relevant article or content.
  • All article contents and decisions about them are wholly confidential. They are kept secret until publication if the article is admitted, and also kept secret if it is rejected.
  1. Publication ethics
  • In accordance with the aims and values of any responsible scientific publication, the journal Cahiers Philosophiques only includes original texts, i.e. texts which have not been hitherto published in the French language, except in the « introuvables » section, whose purpose is precisely to offer a new edition of inaccessible or unknown texts.
  • The journal rejects and condemns all forms of plagiarism. If any such plagiarism is discovered, manuscripts may be rejected at any stage of the process. Articles must clearly and correctly indicate the sources and data on which they rely. Any infringement threatens the acceptance of the article and/or shall be the object of a clear request by the editorial board.
  • In case a third party points at any infringement of the above-mentioned terms, the editorial board will carefully examine the pointed case in order to prevent any research misconduct.
  • In case it is established an article already published in the Cahiers philosophiques includes mistakes or plagiarism, a rectratation and correction of the author will be requested, and published along with the editorial board’s own retractation.
  • The editorial board commit themselves to publishing all necessary corrections, clarifications, retractations or apologies.
  • Publication of an article is subject to a formal agreement between the author and the publisher : the author thereby licenses all rights to the publisher and distributor of the journal.
  1. Copyright and Access
  • Articles published in the Cahiers philosophiques are copyrighted :
  • © Librairie philosophique J. Vrin, followed by the publication date of the issue, if published after the first term 2017 (Nr 148)
  • © Réseau Canopé, followed by the publication date of the issue, if published before the second term 2017 (Nr 149).
  • Anyone wishing to quote an article published in the Cahiers philosophiques must at least indicate the author’s name and journal.
  • The journal in its printed format is sold in bookshops and by subscription; in its electronic format, it is accessible on the Cairn platform:
  • The selling price of each issue is fixed at 12 € since Nr 150 (3rd term 2017) and may be subject to change, especially for Special Issues.
  • The annual subscription rate is fixed at 42 € for individuals residing in France (48 € for individuals abroad) and 60 € for institutions in France (70 € abroad). Those may also be subject to change.
  • Articles may be bought, consulted and downloaded on the Cairn platform, upon subscription or individually ; free access is granted on a 3-year moving wall basis.
  1. Archiving
  • The electronic archive of articles is upheld by the Cairn platform at this URL :
  • The Cairn platform markets the online access either to whole issues or to individual articles. Fees apply according to its scales.
  • Should the publication of Cahiers philosophiques cease, back issues would remain available on the Cairn platform, or be transferred onto Jstor.
  1. Ownership and management
  • The journal Cahiers philosophiques is the property of its publisher : Librairie philosophique J. Vrin.
  • Publication is jointly managed by the editorial board and by the publisher.
  1. Web site

  1. Publishing schedule

The journal Cahiers philosophiques includes 4 issues a year, plus one special issue.

  1. Name of journal

The journal Cahiers philosophiques is an independent journal, without any link to other journals or publications.

  • Articles must be sent in electronic format to the following e-mail address : cahiersphilosophiques [AT] vrin [DOT] fr . The file containing the article must be anonymous.
  • Articles are read and assessed during the plenary meeting of the editorial committee. Based on the blind peer review by two different readers, the editorial committee may issue three kinds of judgment : accepted, accepted under the proviso of modifications, rejected.
  • The editorial committee will generally give an answer within 6 months (at most) after receiving the material, depending on the meetings schedule.
  • In accordance with the promotion of a responsible scientific publication, the Cahiers philosophiques publish original texts only, i.e. texts which have not hitherto been published in French – except in the « Introuvables » (Unavailable) section whose aim is precisely to reprint or translate some texts that are difficult to access or barely known. The articles must clearly and properly identify the various sources and data on which they rely.
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